Safety and security

As a rule, questions about window safety come from children. We don’t want children to be able to open windows or get out of doors on their own. The most common ways to prevent children from opening windows/doors on their own are:

Requires simultaneous depression of the upper and lower pins to move the handle in parallel. The window can only be opened/closed using two hands at the same time. Widespread in Scandinavian countries.

For the safety of children, MACO offers a Tilt-First solution where the window opens from the closed position to the tilt-first position and then to the inverted position. The opening to the tilted position can be limited by a special lockable handle which blocks the movement of the kremoon forward from the tilted position and the child can only use the window as a tilting handle.

Does not allow the window to be opened to the reverse position (fully open without turning the key). The window only opens to the tilt (vent) position.

The handle only moves to the next position by pressing the button or turning the key.

Windows can also be fitted with simple grilles and a non-stationary handle. You can put the handle you need to open the window safely away from children.


All opening windows produced by Plasto have at least one security point. For floors or buildings with a higher security risk, it is recommended to install RC1 windows. A set of RC1 level window locks includes a drilling guard, tamper-resistant rebates and corners with mushroom-shaped pins. In addition, we recommend the use of a key-lockable security handle. An intruder will then be unable to open the window without breaking the glass. Plasto products can be ordered equipped up to RC1 security level.

You can also see RC2 windows in the video below, equipped with an anti-vandal glass package in addition to the above.

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