The front doors get the most attention, which is why it is important to find a solution that is visually and aesthetically the most suitable. Plasto front doors are different from those of the competitors because of the particularities of their construction, heat retention and safety. A lot of attention has been paid to the resistance of the doors, the hinge system strength and the safety of the fittings. Plasto front doors are made with a locking system that has three lock bolts.

Terrace and front doors with locking
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The Plasto selection offers PremiDoor sliding doors, which make it possible to build big interior and exterior walls that can be opened. PremiDoor makes your terrace or balcony experiences unforgettable by allowing you to get rid of the divide between the indoors and the garden or the terrace. PremiDoor is extremely easy and convenient to use, despite its size.

HS-type sliding doors
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Plasto sliding doors are beautiful and blend well into even the most demanding interior design. The sliding doors are extremely practical and convenient. Parallel sliding doors offer an additional ventilation function and they open to the inside, in front of the non-opening part of the window. Thanks to this you can have a chair or a table in front of the door and it won’t distract the functionality of the sliding doors.

The sliding doors can be equipped with automatic fittings, which enables easy control of the door using the handle. Sliding doors are also extremely durable, since the active doorframe is on the inside. This ensures full functionality during the winter months, since there’s no possibility for damage to the rails due to snow or ice.

PSK-type sliding doors with openings
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Plasto balcony/terrace doors can also be considered to be just big windows. Even though when ordering terrace doors you have to consider the same criteria as when choosing windows, there are certain additional options that make using them safer and more comfortable. For example, the balcony door can be fitted with a wind latch that holds the door shut when you’re outside and allows it to be opened with just a slight push when you want to go back inside.

The balcony/terrace doors can be fully or partially filled with glass or PVC, and with invisible fittings. The range of products includes doors that open inside as well as outside, those that can only be closed from the inside, as well as balcony and terrace doors with handles on both sides of the door. The products can be fitted with “bremse” brakes that fix the door in a certain position.

Tilt, turn- and tilt/ turn opening balcony doors
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Plasto manufactures multi-framed folding doors that have a section that opens into a ventilating position. Folding doors do not have vertical posts and the frames open to the sides using rails. This creates a sizeable balcony or opening to the terrace, which gets rid of the border between the living quarters and the garden.

Types of doors

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