In the manufacturing of windows and doors, Plasto uses high quality and high safety level MACO fittings. MACO hardware is made in Austria the clients who appreciates the best in ease of use, a sense of security and less worries while at home or away. The all-inclusive MACO product line has fittings for all kinds of doors, windows and wall elements, so even the most demanding client can find the right product.

Benefits of Maco fittings:

Maco TRICOAT is covered with a layer of special corrosion proof substance that allows the hardware to be used also in conditions that are very acidic (for example, swimming facilities, factories, cellars and wash rooms).

Maco INVISIBLE is a fittings system with hinges integrated into the profile, so thanks to the lack of visible details, it makes the product more aesthetically pleasing, more functional and easier to maintain. For windows on the first floor and those of private houses, we recommend choosing an locking handle for the windows, as well as safety fittings and certified security glass.

The Maco product line includes tilt first fittings. It results in a modified operating sequence: Tilt function before Turn function. By turning handle 90 degrees to its horizontal position the scissor stay first guides the sash to its tilt position. Now by turning the handle further 90 degrees the scissor stay releases the sash to let you turn it. Turn position of sash can be restricted by a special lockable handle, so the child can open the window only to its tilt position.

The standard hardware for all windows also includes a micro ventilation feature. When you turn the handle 45 degrees, the window only opens 10-13 mm – this allows for natural ventilation and keeps the air fresh indoors.