Thermal insulation


Windows are less heat proof than the other facade elements of a building and thus they need particular attention. High-quality warmth retaining windows are fundamental to the thermal performance of your home. Insulated glass makes up the biggest part of a window and thus the thermal transmittance of a window depends on insulated glazing.

The majority of IGUs provided by the dealers today contain a selective film or coating. The selective film reflects the escaping heat rays back into the room and in this way helps reduce heat loss. The selective film does not change the tint of the window glass or reduce light transmittance. This film is mainly applied to the outside surface of the inner pane.

Plasto has taken account of its clients’ wish to keep down heat energy losses and offers in its standard unit a gas with low thermal conductivity – argon – in addition to selective coating. Argon is filled in between the two panes to prevent heat loss.

Argon does not add any tint to the window glass or reduce light transmittance. Compared with standard IGUs, the IGUs containing argon retain warmth 25 % more efficiently. Owing to the application of argon gas and selective coating to insulated glass, the customers can significantly cut their thermal energy costs.