Solar control


In the rooms where the heat and light caused by sunshine is disturbing, insulated glass units may be of solution. We offer two types of solar protective glass – tinted and coated glass.

Tinted insulated glass provides enough shading to make the light in the room pleasant and comfortable. Tinted glass has a high solar radiation absorbing capacity, reducing the amount of solar heat entering the room. Absorption capacity depends on the thickness of the pane and thus it is possible to modify the solar protective properties of glass. The thicker a glass, the darker its tint and the better solar heat control and the lower light transmittance it offers. The tints of different colour are available and customers can choose the one suiting best for their style and needs.

The advantage of IGUs with reflective glass is their light reflection towards the side with a stronger light emitter. The panes are covered with a thin low-emissivity coating. Those panes combine the properties of energy efficient glass and sun protective glass. They allow the light to pass through into a room, but reflect most of solar heat. Most efficient in controlling solar heat gain is the Suncool TM High Performance glass; its light transmittance is nearly twice as high as its solar thermal transmittance.

Solar radiation control is achieved by: