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How to order?

When ordering windows, it is necessary to start by measuring the windows. Once the measurements have been taken, you can submit them to your Plasto sales representative. You can do this by email, by phone or by coming to the office. The sales representative will prepare a quote for you and if everything is suitable, the quote can be confirmed. Once the advance payment has been made, the windows go into production and are ready in 3-5 weeks.

AS Plasto has constantly expanded its product range, paying attention to the wishes and needs of its customers. Plasto wants to offer its customers high quality and complete solutions. Today, Plasto products are windows, doors and wall elements. Plasto products consist of the high quality Brügmann BluEvolution profile, SKP & Baltiklaas glazing units and MACO shutters. High-quality components ensure that the final product has top-quality window characteristics.


AS Plastos manufactures windows in two different profile systems, which differ from each other in terms of thermal resistance and number of gaskets. This way, the customer can choose a window with the right shape, product features and colour for their home.

The profile systems in use are called Brügmann bluEvolution 82AD and 82MD.

We offer a transport service for windows. To place an order, please call your Plasto sales representative or call 622 1500.

Hi, you can find the My Orders page by logging into your e-shop account and clicking on your name at the top of the page. A drop-down menu appears with “MY TIMES.”

A 30mm base profile is fixed to the window, to which the water screen and the window sill are fixed. The addition of the base profile must be taken into account when measuring the window.

When measuring the windows, a base profile of approx. 3cm should be taken into account. A water screen is installed under the window nailing on the outer side of the base profile and a window sill on the inner side. The size of the opening is important when measuring the window. The window must fit into the opening + leave a foam gap (approx 1-1,5 cm). Mounting brackets are supplied with the windows. In addition, you will have to buy the supports on which the window will be placed.

See here for cash on delivery options:

Windows are measured from wall to wall or slab to slab, and the dimension of the sill must be added to the height. If you are unsure about the measurements taken, we recommend ordering a Plasto measurer for your home or ordering windows with installation. When ordering an installation, Plasto staff will measure the window themselves.

To buy windows on instalment, you must have a minimum net monthly income of €240. So the answer is positive.

Contact the Plasto sales representative who quoted you a price and you will easily get a hire purchase contract.

Window sills can be ordered separately. The customer is responsible for the dimensions and suitability of the windowsill.

Plasto does not mill the air vents on installed windows. Ventilation flaps can be installed on new windows.

The suitability of glass packages depends on the existing profile system. The glazing beads used by Plastos are suitable for Salamander profile windows.

Window adjustment and repair

For repairs, please contact a window repair company.

Which window to choose?

Energy efficient, reasonable value for money. Plastic windows are durable and easy to maintain.

It is possible. The most cost-effective way is to add a special type of handle to the window.

We do not recommend a plastic tent for the sauna. High heat has a bad effect on the plastic and the window starts to “play” in the opening.”

The film can be removed from the top of the glass. If the glass is tinted, a new glass must be ordered. In the case of a Plasto window, we can change the window to open only from the top. To do this, you must use a child restraint system and buy a special handle.

Plasto does not offer the installation of ventilation flaps on existing windows.

Uw denotes the thermal performance of a window, which indicates the energy loss through different materials. The lower the Uw, the more heat-retaining the windows.

We also offer ventilation openings for windows. Ventilation holes reduce the thermal performance of the profile, but can be used in excessively confined spaces. It’s up to you to decide whether your priority is fresher air or lower heating bills. As a rule, the client will have to cover the furnishings for the duration of the work. It is possible to reach an agreement with a local subcontractor.

Different window and door solutions can be used to enclose the balcony. Plasto offers installation services.

Window installation | finishing

The speed of the replacement depends on the number, type and weight of the windows. It takes around 3-4 hours to install three windows.

Services related to window replacement can be ordered separately. For a more specific quote, please contact and mention the location of the object.

Glass package

Please only contact glass manufacturers directly to order a glass package.

Thermal breakage of glass can occur when a part of the glass surface heats up or cools down faster than the rest of the glass. The uneven temperature creates stresses at the edges of the glass with different forces, which causes the glass to break. Such physical effects may not only occur from objects placed on the windowsill. Uneven temperatures can be caused by side curtains, blinds or other window coverings that only partially cover the window. Also, the outside part of the glass can be solar shaded by the eaves of the roof, a windshield or another building. If one part of the window is open and the opposite side is blocked by a side curtain, there is again a risk of thermal breakage. Care should also be taken when directing cooler air from fans and air conditioners onto any part of the glass surface. The problem of thermal breakage occurs in hot and sunny summer weather, as well as during frosty periods in winter. Unfortunately, the manufacturer cannot be held responsible for thermal breakage of glass, as this is a physical phenomenon, the causes of which must be eliminated by the owner with foresight.

It is possible to dismantle the package windows yourself. Plasto does not offer the possibility to hire a specialist to open the window. It is still possible to replace the glass packages.

It is not possible to replace a single window pane separately. Only a new glass package can be ordered, the price of which depends primarily on the dimensions of the glass package.

Hi, Thermal cracking can occur on glass if a part of the window is covered on the inside with a curtain or other covering in sunny and very warm weather. Due to the uneven glass surface temperature, the edges are subjected to stresses at different forces, resulting in glass cracking. A thermal crack can also occur to the outside if the sun does not shine evenly on the entire glass surface, either due to the shading of the roof or windscreen. During hot weather, all sun-facing windows should be checked and, if possible, these hazards removed.

Window colour

We definitely don’t recommend painting plastic windows with a paintbrush. It is possible to paint over the windows with powder paint. The paint must be specifically designed for use on plastic surfaces. In the past, the best results have come from taping over windows.

The easiest way to remove paint chips from glass is with an unused jelly blade. If PVC frames are used, strong solvents such as nitro solvent or acetone should not be used as they will melt the plastic surface. Ordinary paint thinner or white spirit can be used.

We do not recommend painting plastic windows with a paintbrush. It is possible to paint over the windows with powder paint. The paint must be specifically designed for use on plastic surfaces. Better results than painting have been achieved by taping over windows.

The problem is serious. The use of nitro solvent is an unstable challenge for plastic windows. I would put the question to the farmers, at the moment we do not have the resources to deal with this case. For the future, I recommend covering the plastic windows when painting.

Problems with windows

In principle, frames can be ordered separately. In terms of quality, I recommend ordering a complete product.

The window can also be installed the other way round, but the water holes in the window will then have to be drilled around. The window cannot be directly returned. If you wish, you can bring the window to Plasto’s invention corner for sale and when we sell the window, you will get your money back.

There is no special cat box. It is possible to combine it yourself by making an opening in the door and putting something in front of it as a hatch. This is a violation of the properties of the door, because the door no longer keeps the heat or wind in. A hatch cannot be made in a door with a full glass panel. If you order a door with a PVC-plate bottom, it is possible to make an opening. If you have an all-glass door, you can’t go round it.

Such a solution can certainly not be recommended. Hinges are located below the window opening from the top. In order to open the window sideways, both the position of the hinges and the entire closing ring should be replaced. Plasto does not offer such a conversion option.

Under certain conditions it is possible. These must be Plasto windows. Existing finishes must allow for the installation of new hinges. Unfortunately, there are no significant price savings compared to buying new windows. The work to be done is complex and expensive.

The film must be peeled away from the frames quietly. It is likely that the film has melted on the window after such a long time and retrieving the film may not be possible at all. In the case of a coloured profile, removal of the film will leave strong marks on the profile.

In Estonian conditions, the window does not normally expand as described. The thermal performance of a window can be restored by replacing the window seals or adjusting the locks. Adjustment of seals and replacement of gaskets can be ordered from Plasto dealers. Works can only be ordered for Plasto products. The opening window can also be ordered in addition to the existing Plasto window frame.

There is no specific tool. You have to try to unravel it quietly. Particular care must be taken with coloured profiles.

It is possible to install a fixator on the balcony door and a small handle on the outside, which, when pulled, fixes the door in the closed position but does not close the locks. It is not possible to install the rotary handle in the field, because the handle pin hole is blocked by the linge sheath.

Unfortunately, the films need to be removed immediately after the window is installed. Once the film has melted to the window frame, there is no other option but to try to pull it off quietly.

More information can be found in an article here ( explaining the causes of condensation. External condensation occurs in the centre of the outer glass. At first this can be alarming – especially in autumn and spring, when humidity is high and the air is cool, the outer window glass cools to the point where it is covered in condensed water. In essence, it shows good thermal insulation: the room air does not reach the outer glass.
In rare, exceptional cases, a window can also become frozen on the outside when temperatures rise sharply from very cold to near-zero in winter.

With a double glazing unit, more of the heat in the room is transferred to the outer glass and less or no condensation forms on the outer glass.

We do not recommend the use of fresh valves at Plastos. In winter, the valves can freeze and whistle in higher winds. Of course, the use of dampers does not have a good effect on the thermal insulation of windows.

If your windows are sweating from the inside, fresh air dampers can help. If condensation is forming on the outside or between the glass packets, then fresh valves are unlikely to help and problems may be caused not only by internal ventilation but also by poor quality glass packets.

Plasto does not install fresh air dampers on windows already in place. It is possible to install a Renson type ventilation between the glazing unit and the frame/lens.