About us

Plasto is a privately owned Estonian company founded in 1991. The first PVC window was manufactured in March 1995. Since 2007, the company’s core business has been the production and distribution of plastic windows, doors and wall elements. In addition to quality products, the company offers specialist consultations and additional services related to window installation and finishing.

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Years of experience

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2000. In November 2008, Plasto’s window factory opened, the only one of its kind in the Baltics. The building is designed for a production line with a capacity of 100-120 windows per shift. With the introduction of the new technology, Plasto has been able to produce 150 windows per shift since July 2003, ensuring a high production rate and a consistently high quality.

In 2006, Plasto further expanded its production to modernise the PVC window manufacturing process. As a result of extensive investments, the production area was expanded by 2500 square metres in 2006 and today Plasto has a total of 6000 square metres of production area at its disposal. Since June 2007, PLASTO has been using a fully automatic CNC-controlled window production line from the German company SCHIRMER. The acquired production line is a true state-of-the-art technology that leaves no room for human error. The introduction of modern production technology allows us to produce up to 450 windows per day.

The basis for our continued success

Continuous development has ensured consistent profits for the company. PLASTO has made every effort to provide its customers with the highest quality PVC windows and doors technologically.

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High quality of production

Until 2004. Until 2007, Plasto produced windows from profiles made by the German company VEKA. Taking into account the continuous development of the window market, the search for technically superior solutions and advanced technologies, Plasto started in 2004 the production of PVC windows from high quality Kömmerling profile systems. In 2018, Plasto ceased production of Kömmerling profile windows and started cooperation with SALAMANDER Industrie-Produkte GmbH. Salamander is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of PVC window profiles. Plasto is the exclusive distributor of Salamander profile systems in Estonia. The company offers windows from two different profile systems: the Brügmann bluEvolution 82AD and the bluEvolution 82MD.