BluEvolution 82MD

The Brügmann bluEvolution 82MD is a profile system with a functional design and perfect proportions, which ensures a particularly good warmth retention due to the light-filled room and the construction. 82MD is a 6-chamber profile system with an installation depth of 82mm and a Uf-value of 0.98 W/m2K.

The 82MD’s thermal performance has been taken to a new level, made possible by a 6-chamber PVC profile fitted with 3 gaskets. The centre gasket profiles prevent air from moving inside the frame chamber, thereby significantly reducing heat loss. In addition to the central seal of the sealing chamber, the 82MD system also has a central seal under the glass package, which significantly reduces the risk of bony defects on the top surface of the glass package.

The 82MD system allows the use of glass packages up to 52 mm thick. With a standard 48 mm package, a window U-value of up to 0.8 W/m2K can be achieved. The 82MD system has a total height of 123 mm between the aperture and the frame, ensuring an optimal light aperture. The centre-hung profile provides even better protection against wind and rain and increases the window’s resistance to noise. In addition, the central seal protects the closing ring from external conditions. Preventing dirt and moisture from reaching the window opening mechanisms prolongs the life of the windows/doors and improves ease of use.

High thermal performance windows save energy and heating costs!

Brügmann bluEvolution 82MD

- lead-free eco-profile
- 6 chambers
- 3 seals
- window U ≥ 0,7 W/m2K
- noise immunity 47 dB
- water resistance 9A
- maintenance-free
- energy class A+